Our company prefers to have our own e-mail server, is this an option?

Absolutely.  We’ll recommend the needed specifications based on your requirements (such as number of users and required mailbox sizes), build your own server instance and install the latest version of SmarterMail, the same e-mail server software we use internally and for our shared customer plans.
This server instance will be dedicated to your company.

You can choose to maintain software maintenance as part of this solution, which is required for ActiveSync or you may allow it to expire after one year and keep your SmarterMail server at the installed version until you choose to have us reinstate software maintenance for upgrade to a newer version.

Next we’ll activate inbound and outbound email filtering using McAfee (Intel Security) email protection & continuity.  This service is separate from your e-mail server so filtering occurs before it gets to your e-mail server.  This service is billed per user mailbox and supports up to 10 alias addresses per primary e-mail address.  In the event your SmarterMail server is offline, either due to maintenance or a problem, the McAfee service will collect and hold your inbound email messages until it detects your SmarterMail server has returned online instead of the email messages being returned to the original sender.

You’ll have administrator access to maintain SmarterMail using the web interface.
A few of the options are creating users, aliases, mailing lists and maintaining your internal global address book.  For a new user mailbox, you’ll need to inform us so we can create a McAfee email protection account for that primary address.

We’ll also configure a once daily backup to offsite storage.  At your discretion, backups can be configured to occur more or less often and to multiple geographical locations.

Invoices are generated monthly for this service.  Prices are based on service and resource usage so there is not a set monthly cost as it will vary.


Services required:

·         Virtual instance (Windows Server 2008 R2 edition) with provisioned storage based on your requirements.

·         SmarterMail email server solution with McAfee email protection and backup to offsite storage.

·         A minimum of one static IP address for SmarterMail (can be shared with the SSL certificate).

·         One premium SSL, business standard SSL or business premium SSL certificate will be required.