MySQL database service

Our recently added service utilizes Amazon’s RDS (relational database service) infrastructure to host scalable and highly available databases.


This service does not have a set cost as you pay for the resources (instance size, storage and outbound data transfer) you use per month.
If your website receives a similar amount of traffic per month, you can expect a similar monthly cost for operating the database(s).


This service has a 5 GB minimum storage per instance.  This does not mean you must use a minimum of 5 GB but that will be the default amount provisioned.
Each instance has the ability to support up to 30 databases.  It’s recommended to keep the small database instances limited to one or two databases for performance reasons.


Instances do have memory (RAM) limitations.  It is important to understand the workload of your database(s) so we can help you provision a correctly powered instance.
For example, the lowest cost instance with 630 MB of allocated RAM and low I/O support would inefficiently power a full instance of 30 databases or even a single busy database within the instance.


While this service is inexpensive compared to traditionally operating a dedicated server and software licenses, this service isn’t necessarily intended for an infrequently accessed personal blog site, such as WordPress (which requires MySQL) due to the monthly cost.  However, you are not restricted from utilizing this service for low usage websites.
If, for example, you want to run a personal or family WordPress based website, we’ll create the lowest cost MySQL database instance possible.  Usage fees per month should be minimal for lightly accessed websites.



I’m about to make a major change to my website that will affect the database, do I need to wait for my daily backup window or may an early backup be requested prior to changes?

We understand the importance of backups prior to major changes.
If you need a snapshot prior to such a change and you don’t want to wait for the daily backup, let us know.
If something goes wrong, we’ll restore that most recent snapshot for you.


Above its discussed this isn’t intended for light websites or personal blogs, but will it work?

It certainly will and allows room for large scale database growth.  We mention this so you aren’t surprised by the increased cost of operating a small website when using this scalable database service.
If you are creating a small blog for your family using WordPress for example, talk with us and we’ll work with you and create a cost-friendly solution.


My site was designed for a specific version of MySQL, are there options?

Yes, when initially creating your instance we do have the ability to select a few specific database engine versions.  Please talk with us to find out if we can provide compatibility with your site.
Database engine versions cannot be changed once your instance is created.
Versions available are within:  5.1.x, 5.5.x, 5.6.x


My website or blog has become more popular causing my database to use more memory and data storage.  Can this service be upgraded to improve performance to keep up with my growing database?

Absolutely, that’s what makes this service scalable.  Talk with us and we’ll make the changes.


My database isn’t available outside of Pershke Hosting Services servers, is this possible?

No, not over the internet.  If we're hosting your virtual server instances, we'll create network rules to allow communication between your server instances and MySQL database instances.


May I request to have my database(s) shut down at certain times to save money?

No, this service runs 24/7.  If your database instance is shut down, all of your databases are deleted.


Is there a control panel where I can access my database tables?

Yes, we offer phpmyadmin via our website.  At your request, your instance will appear in the dropdown list and you’ll sign in using your instance user ID and password.
You will be unable to sign in using any of our instances or another customer’s instance as these are all private.

If you have a website with us under our shared hosting services, an SSL certificate for security and at least one public IP addresses (needed for SSL), we'll install phpmyadmin to your site and your instance will be the only instance configured to phpmyadmin.
For security reasons, we require your site to have at least an SSL certificate as an extra layer of defense.  Unsecured user authentications to database management tools place your data and our servers at risk.


Can automated backups be retained for more than one day?

Yes, one day is the default configuration and we can configure your database instance to retain up to 30 days.  Keep in mind, this will use additional resources but could prove vital when recovering from an issue that spans several days.


Pricing examples (these base prices are estimated and will increase based on usage):

·         Single or multiple small databases, low traffic website with 20 GB of provisioned database storage and 100 GB of outbound data transfer:  > $24 /mo

·         Single or multiple mid-sized databases, average traffic website with 100 GB of provisioned database storage and 500 GB of outbound data transfer:  > $107 /mo